E.P. Carrillo is hosting a unique learning experience in Edmond, OK on Saturday, October 27, 2018, at 2nd Street Cigar Co. from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

The blending seminar, hosted by Jose Blanco, will offer an educational session by having guests pick up the difference between the flavor and strength of the featured cigars. Not only will guests smoke a cigar with 5 different wrappers from different regions, they will also be able to determine the variety of flavors found in a cigar. The seminar will also address doubts and misconceptions that consumers may have, talk about the process of blending cigars and discuss curing and fermentation. A live Q&A session will take place to give guests an opportunity to capture additional information about the industry and certain techniques to leave one with a remarkable experience. The program is $30 and includes one free blending seminar cigar specifically made by E.P. Carrillo for the session and 3 free E.P. Carrillo cigars. The ultimate goal is for attendees to become knowledgeable about the process of making cigars and leave with a greater understanding of their individual taste preferences and flavor profile.

3681 E. 2nd Street, Edmond, OK 73034

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